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My Dream is Coming True!

Sign-plum2It’s like a whirlwind! For ages I have been wanting to open my own STUDIO, GALLERY, TEACHING SPACE & here it is!


My first space fell through. It was full of mold. Enough said.

Last year during the holidays, I set up at White Oaks Mall in their new Center Court, Central IL Boutique. It was very successful (for both Wire & What Not and I). In the process we met Nick (mall director) & Casey (marketing). Nick proposed that I open a store at the mall. I was like,”you are crazy!…The Mall?!”

But check this out. Nick & Casey are striving and striving to make the mall cool again. To bring local shops and bridge the gap between corporate and community.

I already had set up to sell at the White Oaks Mall October Pop Up shops. I had to go in on Monday to sign my contract. The Friday before, when my mold inspector said,”RUN from this building”, an idea clicked. “Let’s see if Nick’s offer is still on the table”.

I feel like I have come full circle. The space we looked at is absolutely perfect! It even has a funky Tim Burtony crooked door! So, YES! I am opening my GALLERY / STUDIO / CLASSROOM / RETAIL space at WHITE OAKS MALL! Upstairs, Bergners side. Can’t miss us!white oaks mall

Target opening date = October 17, 2016

I am still looking for investors!

I didn’t plan for this to happen so quickly & do not have the savings to cover my initial opening expenses. Want to invest?! We need a few things to get up and running…going to make it work!

I created my own little kickstarter! I need approx $4,000.00 to get my doors open. Here is my offer:

Variable Donation Amount

= Credit toward any of my artwork &/or classes! This means, your donation will give you credit for classes, toward my original paintings or toward a commissioned painting for you. Credit will equal the amount you donate.


Buy My Art . Sign Up for a Class . Commission a Painting!

all incoming $ goes directly toward opening the store!

You can buy my art at The Roost & at The Blue Door as well!

You can donate directly to Paypal by entering the amount below OR contact me directly if you want to talk about this. I have a full business plan all ready to share with my investors! If you would like to just invest, we can talk about repayment schedules and such! I am open to your help!

I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so excited, I can hardly sleep! We will be offering:

  • Classes for Kids and Adults (These are already planned and ready to start pre-registering!)
  • Birthday Parties
  • Gallery of Works for sale by me, Erin & visiting artists
  • Retail of fun artsy gifts & handmade jewelry, ceramics, holiday themed fun!
  • Open Studio! Come hang out with a cup of coffee while your kid creates art! or Paint one for yourself
  • Private Parties
  • Gallery Openings & Fun open to the public parties
  • Fundraising events
  • …I have too many ideas!!!