Fine Art in Watercolor and Mixed Media

Pet Portraits in Watercolor

Now accepting custom portrait orders! Contact me today to get started!

Fundraiser Paint Party

Non-profits can benefit from a Paint Party hosted at Christy! Studios….

Paint Your Pet = $50 adult / $35 under 18

If I am in charge of marketing and collecting names, emails, money, then we do a $30/$20 split (you get $20 per seat – adult)
If you collect money and names and sign-ups, then we do a $30/$20 split (you get $30 per seat – adult)
I will have to collect emailed photos for each painter – we will coordinate that effort! Each Painter will be painting a portrait of their pet using a photo that they have sent in. Christy pre-draws the image on the canvas ahead of time so your painters just need to show up, pick out some colors and go to it! Christy and her posse of artist helpers are there to finish noses, eyes and ears!

dragonflyBasic Paint = $35 adult / $25 under 18

50/50 split . Choose your theme! We work on 12″ x 12″ or 14″ x 11″ canvas depending on the image. I like everyone to be creative so if you pick “Poppy Flowers”, I offer a few different options and lead the group with an example. Everyone is encouraged to pick their own colors and be unique! Glitter. yes. Unicorns. Llamas. Turtles (my favorite from last year). Flowers. Trees. Holiday Themes.