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Great Grey Owl

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Project Description

Great Grey Owl – sold

5′ x 4′ x 1 1/2″

Coffee, Watercolor, Acrylic, Paper, Plaster

Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl

Sometimes I start my paintings by just throwing coffee (my leftovers from breakfast) on canvas. I let it dry overnight. When I come back, I see patterns or images – similar to looking at clouds in the sky.

On this occasion, the coffee left a spray that reminded me of wings. I thought of doing a giant bald eagle painting…but recently, I participated in a group spirit animal class. We were guided in a group meditation to discover our spirit animal guide.

The red fox has always been there for me. In this meditation, my fox appeared, then he turned into a bear and then an owl. At that moment, the moderator said,”I am being urged to say..if you are seeing an owl right now, pay attention to what he says”. I started laughing as in my silent meditation, I was being called out.

The owl represents staying alert & being aware. The owl can see 360 degrees. Take note of your surroundings. Is someone lying to you? He is also a protector because of his ability to see all directions.

My spirit animal paintings come from my heart. I start by drawing the basic shape with pencil, then go into the Zone to do the black acrylic line work. I get lost in thought. Hours fly by. Same happens with painting…hours in the vortex. Painting emerges.