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Mary’s Tree

Project Description

A Tree for Mary

Mixed Media – watercolor / coffee / white acrylic / coffee grounds / dirt / Sweet Gum Tree Balls / Mary’s Ceramic Flowers

30″ x 60″ x 1 1/2″ Big, Heavy Canvas

Here is the story:

I am living in my step-Father’s Mother’s house…her name is Mary. She passed away 12 years ago. She was an artist…there was a kiln in the basement when I moved in. I found bowls of these little white clay fired flowers (among many other wonderful ceramics). So we are kindred souls. The house has this fabulous silver wallpaper, circa 1960 something, wood paneling, rocks that she would bring home from her trips, a funky clown collection…so many fun oddities…my style.

One day, Mary was going to meet her girlfriend for lunch. She walked down the slightly sloped drive to meet her friend who had pulled up & slipped on a Sweet Gum Tree Ball. She fell back and hit her head on the driveway…and never woke up. So messed up. This tree is my homage to Mary, who I never got to meet, but I feel her all around me in this amazing little artist’s abode.




Project Details

DateJuly 2013
Customwatercolor, coffee, gum balls, dirt, paint