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Stag Spirit

Project Description

Stag Spirit

4′ x 5′ x 1 1/2″ canvas

Coffee, watercolor

Stag Watercolor Painting

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I chose to paint a white tailed buck as a demonstration piece at the Illinois State Fair this year. I was at the fair representing local artists & entertaining with on the spot painting. When I did some research for images to use for my painting, all I found were hunters with their trophy shots. Pages and pages of dead deer staring at the camera…..then finally I found a photo of a beautiful stag standing in the grass….caught on camera…perhaps by a hunter as well.

In my painting process, I was distracted by onlookers and would turn away from the painting to engage in conversations. Well…at one point, I turned back and the paint had run down the canvas leaving these colorful runs of paint. I thought to myself,”how poignant”. Then a little girl said,”he looks like he is bleeding rainbows!”.

So the discussion of what this painting represents, how the spirit of animals comes through me when I paint, how people interpret art, etc. We have talked about Patronus, spirits, death, life, hunting, trophies – everyone feels differently about this fellow.

What do you FEEL?

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CustomWatercolor, Coffee