Fine Art in Watercolor and Mixed Media

Pet Portraits in Watercolor

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Private Painting Lessons

colorwheelYes! You can schedule ONE on ONE time in the studio learning different painting techniques!

  • Basic Watercolor
  • Advanced Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • Oil
  • Mixed Media
  • Drawing

We will work at your pace in a stress free environment! Bring a friend or two if you want to make it a party!

Pricing ranges from $40 – $125 per/person per/session depending on the materials. Sessions are 1-3 hours (depends on your work-pace). All materials supplied. You are encouraged to obtain your own materials once class is established or if we are working on on-going projects.

Basic Watercolor

Starting with the basics. What is watercolor paint? What do we paint on? Let’s practice with some basic techniques! Wet/Dry/Paper/Canvas. Explore different paints and different surfaces. We will start an actual painting as I believe the only way to learn is to just do it. By end of class 1, you should be able to do basic techniques and be on your way! $60/session 1-3 hours

Advanced Watercolor

So, you’ve used watercolor before and want some new inspiration. Come in and paint with me. I will show you some techniques that you may not know. We will explore paper & watercolor canvas as well and advanced techniques such as lifting and masking. $60/session 1-3 hours


Basic acrylic painting. Starting with the basics…types of paint, types of canvas. We will work on basic techniques such as blending and contrast. Let’s start a painting and learn the techniques along the way. We will explore underpaintings, washes, paint thickness, shadows, highlights, composition and more. $60/session 1-3 hours


Let’s get dirty! I love painting in oil! I am not a traditional painter so you will learn my way of painting in oil. Along the way I will pull in some traditional techniques such as under paintings, tone, shadow, hightlights, etc..we will learn about additives such as linseed oil, stand oil..we will talk about canvas, brushes, brands of paint. Lots to learn..but we will mostly just paint and learn as we go! $125/session 1-4 hours

Mixed Media

Throw it all in the pot. My version of mixed media includes watercolor, acrylic & found objects such as paper and flowers – all embedded on canvas. We will choose a subject to create and go crazy! No experience necessary. $50/session 1-2 hours


Starting with the basics. We will learn about different pencil and drawing tools, paper surfaces, composition, space, texture..all of it. I will have you do fun and weird exercises such as “draw what is in the brown bag without looking at it” “draw upside down” . We will pick a subject matter and start working on a major project. We can explore still life, drawing outdoors, portraits and more. – $40/session 1-2 hours

To sign up, Contact Christy for availability. You can purchase your session with the link below or Christy will make arrangements with you.

Happy Creating!

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