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Pet Portraits in Watercolor

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The Artist

Christy Freeman Stark

Fine Art Painter. watercolor. mixed media (coffee, watercolor, enamel, Tshirt paint)

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christy freeman stark

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modern dog



2019 Art Fair Schedule:

  • May 19 – Springfield Pridefest, Downtown, Springfield, IL (Capitol and 5th St) 12pm – 10pm
  • September 27-29, 2019 – Edwardsville Art Fair, Edwardsville, IL
  • October , 2019 – Highland Art in the Park, Highland, IL
  • November, 2019 – Hope for the Holidays, Hope Pres Church
  • December 2019 – ArtHive Handmade Holiday Sale, State House Inn, Springfield



My paintings are a reflection of the impact that the natural world has on me. I am inspired by color and texture. I let the nature of the medium dictate the overall look of the piece. With watercolors, I let the paint flow and race across the page… Acrylics are funky and fun… Oils bring out the traditional, earthy qualities of the pigments. Recently I have been experimenting with layering found objects such as leaves, twigs, paper, feathers. I am fascinated by texture & color.


We are a creative bunch...where is Brett?!

We are a creative bunch…where is Brett?!

Small town, Central IL, Woods, Trees, Dogs, Cats, Birds..running wild through the wilderness, hunting rabbins with my Dad, fishing, barefoot, cut-offs, dirt, tree houses, Grandma’s garden, homemade applesauce, grapevines, lilac bushes, cops n robbers, baseball til dark, clean your plate, ticks, climbing trees, sleeping in the grass, canoe, stream, exploration, big rock, skips, crayons, bottle rockets, frogs, Billy Beathead, acorns, freeze tag, lightening bugs, crickets, bullfrog, pond chirps, happiness.




2-16-2010 013

The Hill

I can not remember a time when I was not drawing or painting. I was a very serious art student from grade school all through college. I studied art under some very incredible teachers who still inspire me today.


…architecture, young people, art, culture, coffee, neighborhoods, flowers, old ladies, ethnicity, church bells, skyline, lights, sirens, birds, squirrels, dogs everywhere, shops, good beer, galleries, action, lakeshore, street fairs, people, people, people, art art, art

Springfield, IL

– surrounded by family and friends. Nature. Birds. Space. Peace. Room to create larger pieces. Time to expand on new themes on love, life, emotions, expression, energy